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Enhanced Custom Data Labels in Power BI 

Updated: Jun 7

default data labels vs enhanced data labels

One of the key challenges in creating effective reports in Power BI is ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. Often, users struggle to interpret complex data visualizations due to the lack of clear labeling and concise presentation of information. To address this issue, Power BI introduced the Enhanced Data Labels feature, which significantly improves report clarity. By providing precise data labels directly on the visual, this feature eliminates the need for additional explanations and reduces clutter.

Enhanced Data Labels make reports more concise, focused, and user-friendly, ensuring that important information is easily accessible. In this article, we will discuss Enhanced Detail Labels in Power BI and how this feature can improve the effectiveness of your data visualizations. 

Extended Customization of Data Labels

This update was first introduced in December 2023. Enhanced Data Labels is a new update in Power BI that allows users to display additional information on their data labels. This feature allows users to add additional labels, such as Value, Title, and Detail on charts. This enhancement is available for several charts: Column, Bar, Line, and Ribbon charts.  

data label title, detail, and value




First, users can edit the value through the Data Label in the Format panel. The previous label data has also displayed values. By default, the value displayed matches the value entered in the field. Users can also change this value to a different data field and can modify the font, color, transparency, display unit, format, and conditional formatting according to user needs. 

value in data label



Title can be accessed in Format Pane in the Data Label section. Through the title, users can see what fields are currently being used. This also gives the user the option to turn off the legend if desired. Users can change the font style, color, transparency, and other options, just like on a Value card. In addition, users can use alternative data fields to create unique titles for their data labels. Users can choose between 2 types of settings for the title, using the series name or custom using other fields. 

title in data label



Data labels used to be limited to showing the value of the current field. Users can now add secondary metrics with this release. Using this function, any desired field can be shown as extra information on the visualization. Furthermore, users can still utilize the entire set of formatting choices for these secondary values (font style, color, transparency, and other options).  

detail in data label



After going through all the new feature options that can be implemented, users can make slight modifications to the card details. One tip to take advantage of this is to use the pre-built Enhanced Measures. Enhanced Measures allow for additional information such as the desired icon or percentage change, or other relevant values. By utilizing this feature, users can present data in a more comprehensive way. 


By leveraging Enhanced Data Labels, users can present data in a more comprehensive and meaningful way, improving the overall quality of their reports. Ready to enhance your data visualization with Power BI? Contact us today to learn how we can help you implement BI to unlock deeper insights from your data. 

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