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"The project has dramatically changed our way of working. We switched from a clumsy, handmade Excel database to a fast, fully-integrated security dashboard, generating compelling visuals and data within a few clicks. Our clients have also shown much interest to subscribe to this service."


Chief Analyst, Exera, Myanmar

Power BI Supply Chain Reports & Dashboards

Effective supply chain management is critical for maintaining a competitive edge in today's market. Without clear visibility into inventory levels, supply chain performance, and efficient production and logistics optimization, businesses can face significant challenges.

At BI Solusi, we specialize in revolutionizing supply chain operations with Power BI. Our advanced solutions provide comprehensive Supply Chain Reports and Dashboards, offering real-time insights that drive operational excellence. With our expertise, your organization gains the tools needed for precise Supply Chain Reporting and Master Planning, enabling informed decisions that enhance performance and efficiency.

Utilizing Power BI Dashboards for Supply Chain Insights

Inventory Management

Through reports & dashboards, Power BI can help you monitor key metrics like inventory-to-purchase ratio, stock turnover, and slow-moving stock, enabling you to quickly identify and address common inventory issues. It helps minimize overstocking by analyzing historical sales trends against current inventory levels, and prevents understocking by tracking average lead times from suppliers, allowing you to order sufficient stock to meet customer demand.

Monitoring Suppliers Performance

You can integrate supplier performance data, such as on-time delivery rates, quality levels, and pricing, into the dashboard to proactively monitor and manage supplier relationships. The supply chain dashboard can also help you analyze the time it takes suppliers to fulfill orders, see trends in orders delivered in full vs. partial orders, and examine orders based on product type, brand, or even region.  This enables organizations to identify potential risks, negotiate better terms, and make informed decisions about sourcing and supplier selection.

Sell-in and Sell-out Clarity

Gaining a clear picture of both sell-in and sell-out data is crucial, but businesses often lack a clear understanding of how their distributors are performing across different regions, product lines, and individual salespersons. This makes it difficult to identify areas of strength and weakness within the distribution network.  Power BI dashboards offer a clear picture of sales performance throughout your distribution network, highlighting top distributors and areas for improvement across regions and product lines. This valuable knowledge allows companies to optimize their distribution strategies, foster growth, and drive overall business success.

Optimize Your Supply Chain Management and Logistics with Our Custom Power BI Dashboards

At BI Solusi, we understand the unique challenges faced in managing supply chain activities. We offer customized dashboards tailored to your specific requirements, whether it's tracking KPIs like lead times, inventory levels, shipping costs, or on-time delivery rates. You can specify the types of visualizations, KPIs to monitor, and data sources to integrate.

Let us help you optimize your logistics and supply chain management with dashboards that provide clear, real-time visibility into your operations.

Power BI Supply Chain Dashboard Example

A Power BI Supply Chain Dashboard example showing various KPIs and visualizations. It includes a map with distributor routes, total revenue, shipping costs, average shipping time, and pending rates. Additional charts display stock levels, manufacturing lead times, sell out and sell in by month, and a detailed sales data table. The dashboard provides insights into distributor performance, financial health, logistical efficiency, and inventory management, helping businesses optimize their supply chain operations.

Power BI Supply Chain Dashboard KPIs & Key Features Example:

  • Distributor Performance Overview: The dashboard enables users to select from different distributors, providing a detailed view of their performance. This interactive feature allows businesses to analyze and compare the effectiveness of each distributor.

  • Total Revenue and Shipping Costs: The dashboard prominently displays total revenue, shipping costs, average shipping time, and pending rates. This section offers a quick glance at the overall financial health and efficiency of the supply chain operations.

  • Geographical Distribution: The map visualization illustrates the geographical distribution of shipments. This feature helps in identifying logistical bottlenecks and optimizing routes for better efficiency.

  • Revenue and Shipping Costs Analysis: A detailed chart provides a month-by-month breakdown of revenue versus shipping costs. This analysis helps in understanding the correlation between sales and logistics expenses, aiding in strategic planning and cost management.

  • Stock Levels and Manufacturing Lead Time: The dashboard tracks stock levels and manufacturing lead times, helping businesses to maintain optimal inventory levels and streamline production processes.

  • Sell Out and Sell In Analysis: Monthly data on sell-out and sell-in rates are visualized, enabling businesses to gauge market demand and supply chain efficiency over time. This analysis is crucial for maintaining a balanced supply-demand ratio.

  • Detailed Sales Data: The dashboard includes a detailed table listing distributor, customer, order quantity, and revenue. This granular data allows for in-depth analysis of sales performance and customer trends.

Explore how BI Solusi's Power BI dashboard solutions can revolutionize your supply chain management. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start optimizing your operations with actionable insights and streamlined logistics.

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