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ETL and Datawarehouse Services

BI Solusi is a premier provider of data pipeline and data warehousing services designed to streamline the ETL process and storage, ensuring your data is accurate, accessible, and actionable in your reports and dashboards.

Our Data Engineers will help you extract data from various sources, transform it into a usable format, and load it into a centralized data warehouse. This enables you to consolidate data from multiple sources, such as databases, applications, and external sources, into a single, unified view.


We specialize in implementing standard schema designs such as star schema, snowflake schema, and other industry-standard approaches. These schema designs are optimized for data warehousing and provide efficient structures for querying and analyzing data.

Whether you're looking to improve your data analytics capabilities, enhance decision-making processes, or drive business growth, BI Solusi has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.


Our Latest Work


Online Analytics as new source of income

We developped  a platform that is now a new source of income for a Risk and Security Services in Myanmar.

What is Extract Transform Load?

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is a process used in data warehousing and data integration. It involves extracting data from various sources, transforming it into a format that is suitable for analysis, and loading it into a data warehouse or other target storage systems.


Extract: This is the process of retrieving data from one or more sources, which can include databases, applications, files, or external APIs. The extracted data is usually in its raw form and may need to be cleaned or filtered before further processing.


Transform: In this step, the extracted data is transformed into a format that is suitable for analysis and storage. This can involve cleaning the data, converting it into a standardized format, and performing calculations or other operations to derive new data fields or values.


Load: The transformed data is then loaded into a target database or data warehouse, where it can be stored and analyzed. The loading process may involve loading the data into staging tables first, before transferring it into the final destination.

BI Solusi excels in integrating data from diverse sources, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

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What is a Data Warehouse?

While transactional data storage (OLTP) focuses on recording and processing individual transactions in real-time to ensure data integrity and support operational processes, data warehouses are centralized repositories designed to store structured, historical data from various sources. They are used for analyzing and reporting on this data to provide a consolidated view for decision-making and strategic planning, enabling users to access and analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

BI Solusi understands the critical importance of designing a robust data warehouse schema for successful decision-making platforms. Our experts are adept at key considerations such as dimensional and normalized modeling, managing data granularity, defining hierarchies, and optimizing table design for performance.

Discover BI Solusi's ETL and Data Warehousing Services

ETL and Data Warehousing

The Data Warehousing and ETL service helps organizations overcome the challenge of scattered data across multiple systems by designing and building a centralized data repository that collects and integrates data from various sources. This service involves the design and development of a data warehouse and the implementation of ETL processes.


This training provides participants with a solid foundation in ETL processes and Data Warehousing concepts, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement robust data integration solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Our Data Scientists utilize advanced statistical models and machine learning algorithms to forecast future trends and outcomes. By analyzing historical and real-time data, we can predict customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance with high accuracy. BI Solusi's Predictive Analysis service provides the foresight needed to drive your business forward in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Business Intelligence Cloud Migration 

You have an on-premise Business Intelligence platform that lack scalability and agility. Our BI cloud migration service enables organizations to transform your legacy systems and applications into cloud-native solutions, enabling scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency and driving better insights, faster decision-making, and improved business outcomes.

Data Visualization, Dashboard and Report Development

Our Data Visualization service offers a solution by creating interactive dashboards and reports that present insights in a concise and intuitive way. With our service, you can effectively monitor KPIs and make data-driven decisions that positively impact your business outcomes.

Nearshore and Offshore Outsourcing to Indonesia

Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement an end-to-end Business Intelligence solution in a fully remote mode? Look no further! Our team has a proven track record of delivering Business Intelligence platforms that satisfied clients both locally and globally.

Why Choosing BI Solusi as your Business Intelligence Implementation Partner?

A Proven Successful Methodology

Our Business Intelligence Implementation strategy integrates proven methodologies, exceptionally qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to manage deliverables.

One common criterion used to gauge the success of Business Intelligence projects is user adoption.


Our proven methodology is based on a simple formula:

Prototyping + Quick feedback + High involvement from users => User adoption


We have Partnership with Major Business Intelligence Products

We have strong and trusted relationship with all major BI Products, including Microsoft, Tableau Software, Qlik, Google. These partnership provides access to the latest updates, resources, and support which can be invaluable during your implementation project.

We have Experienced Consultants

Our Business Intelligence consultants hold various certifications demonstrating their proficiency in every aspect of a BI Implementation, including ETL, Datawarehousing, Visualization and Dashboarding, but also in Project Management and Change Management. 

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Solutions Architect-Associate.jpg

We have Functional and Industry Knowledge

Our consultants possess a deep functional knowledge in key areas such as human resources, sales, and supply chain management. Their expertise also extends across a variety of industries, including agriculture, healthcare, distribution, and manufacturing.

We speak English, French and Indonesian!

We understand the importance of clear and concise communication. Our team in Indonesia is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals and all our team members are well-versed in English and some speak French too.

Office Meeting
Software Programmer

We are Experienced in outsourcing projects

BI Solusi has a proven track record of successfully delivering a multitude of BI projects, spanning onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations. Our agile team handles projects of all sizes, adapting swiftly to changing requirements. With the latest tools and technology, we ensure on-time and budget-friendly project delivery.

By partnering with us, you'll have access to a pool of talented resources who are committed in exceeding your expectations.



"Our new Business Intelligence platform has been able to bring together huge quantity of information summarized in a simple but comprehensive way. Consultants guided us all along the way and designed amazing report. It's Brilliant Work!"


President Director, REA Kaltim, East Kalimatan

Some of our Recent Enterprise Business Intelligence Implementation 

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