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Sales & Marketing Analytics

Are you struggling to make sense of your sales and marketing data? Are you finding it difficult to track your customer interactions and understand their behavior? Do you need a better way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and sales efforts?

BI Solusi offers expert BI implementation services for sales and marketing teams. With our help, you can transform your business into a data-driven powerhouse, and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.


Online Analytics as new source of income

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We developped  a platform that is now a new source of income for a Risk and Security Services in Myanmar.

What is Sales & Marketing Analytics

Sales and marketing analytics refers to the practice of analyzing data related to sales activities, marketing campaigns, and customer behavior to gain insights and make informed decisions that can improve sales performance, marketing effectiveness, and overall business growth. By leveraging sales and marketing analytics, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their customers, optimize their marketing efforts, improve sales performance, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Gain More Revenue Through Valuable Insights with Sales & Marketing Analytics


Without a BI platform, sales and marketing teams may struggle to get a comprehensive view of their customer data. A BI platform can integrate data from various sources and provide real-time visibility into customer behavior, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions.


Without an accurate way to forecast sales, businesses may struggle to plan for the future. A BI platform can analyze historical sales data and identify trends, allowing teams to make more accurate predictions.


Utilize the power of Natural Language Processing Algorithms to analyze customer interactions, process social media data, and gain deeper Insights into your customers' sentiments and satisfactions.


Our product recommendation service can help. By leveraging the power of data analysis and machine learning algorithms, we can provide tailored recommendations to your customers that will encourage upselling and cross-selling.

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Accurate customer segmentation is crucial for marketing efforts to resonate with the target audience. By utilizing feature engineering, clustering, and classification algorithms, we can offer innovative methods to analyze customer data and develop more targeted campaigns.

While the challenges listed here are common in Sales & Marketing, there may be other data related obstacles that your organizations face. We have experience implementing Modern Analytics platform for Sales & Marketing Function. Contact us for a free consultation.

PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk (Sari Roti) - This bakery company in Indonesia implemented a BI platform to monitor their sales performance and customer behavior. With the help of the BI platform, they were able to increase their market share by 2.8% and achieve a revenue growth of 19.2%.

Sari roti

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