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"Our new Business Intelligence platform has been able to bring together huge quantity of information summarized in a simple but comprehensive way. Consultants guided us all along the way and designed amazing report. It's Brilliant Work!"


President Director, REA Kaltim, East Kalimatan

Power BI Dashboard for Healthcare

Power BI dashboards for healthcare from BI Solusi provide robust solutions for healthcare organizations seeking to transform their healthcare data into actionable insights. Our Power BI dashboards enable seamless healthcare data analysis, effective electronic health records (EHR) management, and enhanced clinical decision support. Power BI integrates data from multiple sources, including medical records, medical imaging, patient management systems, and other healthcare IT systems. This comprehensive data integration enables healthcare providers to gain operational and patient care insights, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and enhance overall care quality.

Power BI Benefits for Healthcare

Empower Health Team Collaboration

Effective collaboration among healthcare teams is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care. By Implementing Power BI with secure data access, healthcare professionals can improve outcomes, enhance team performance, and respond swiftly to critical situations.

  • Power BI enables health teams to access and share real-time data across departments with interactive dashboards that visualize patient data and track treatment progress.

  • By integrating data from EHRs, lab results, and patient management systems, Power BI ensures all healthcare providers have access to the same up-to-date information for coordinated patient care.

  • Power BI allows directors and healthcare providers to monitor KPIs related to patient care and operational efficiency, identifying trends and areas for improvement.

Gain Clinical and Operational Insights

Harnessing clinical and operational data insights is essential for developing innovative care models, predicting future health trends, and mitigating risks. By leveraging data effectively, healthcare professionals can make timely decisions and enhance overall efficiency. Insights you can gain from Power BI:

  • Power BI's real-time dashboards monitor patient flow, reducing emergency room bottlenecks and optimizing bed management.

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as readmission rates, infection rates, and patient satisfaction scores to ensure compliance with healthcare standards and regulations.

  • Evaluate sales team effectiveness, track sales performance metrics, and identify areas for improvement to boost revenue from medical services and products.

  • Monitor inventory levels, predict supply needs, and track usage patterns to ensure that essential medical supplies are always available and reduce waste.

Reimagine Healthcare

Transforming healthcare involves reshaping population health and advancing health equity through a robust adoption of value-based care and a data-driven approach. With Power BI, healthcare providers can achieve the following transformative goals:

  • Monitor patient outcomes and recovery rates across various treatments and interventions to identify best practices and areas for improvement.

  • Predictive models identify high-risk patients for preemptive interventions, improving health outcomes and reducing readmission rates.

  • Analyze data across patient populations to identify health trends, predict outbreaks, and effectively manage chronic diseases.

Partnering with BI Solusi for Successful Power BI Implementation in Healthcare

Implementing Power BI in healthcare organizations requires more than just software installation—it demands expertise, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of healthcare data dynamics and regulatory requirements. With our track record of successfully implementing Power BI in healthcare settings, BI Solusi has enabled numerous organizations to achieve significant improvements in patient outcomes and operational effectiveness.

Unlocking Healthcare Potential with Advanced Analytics

SMU Healthcare Achieves Efficiency in Clinical and Administrative Workflows

SMU Healthcare partnered with BI Solusi because they need a robust technology platform to support its ambitious expansion plans. One of the data solutions we developed seamlessly integrating imaging and cardiology workflows across more than five hospitals. SMU Healthcare's senior management has praised our expertise in business intelligence and our rapid delivery. Our change management consultants played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful adoption of the new solution, ensuring that the transition was smooth and effective. You can learn more about it here

Revolutionize Healthcare Reporting with Multichannel Data Integration

Novo Nordisk's Unified Reports Empowers Frontline Staff.

Novo Nordisk Indonesia's team is seeking to implement a cutting-edge BI & Analytics solution to provide a holistic overview of multichannel activities across marketing, sales, medical, and market access. BI Solusi's successful implementation of the Power BI reporting platform and the integration of scattered multichannel activities data have improved the experiences of frontliners and operational efficiency.

Innovative Sales Forecasting in Healthcare

BI Solusi's Predictive Analytics Solution for Pharmaceutical Company's Sales

BI Solusi has developed an advanced Predictive Analytics Model for a prominent multinational pharmaceutical company, designed to forecast Sales Keeping Unit (SKU) by outlet on a daily basis. This comprehensive solution covers 49 outlets and encompasses over 8,000 products. We also provided a Power BI dashboard for them, that gives a great understanding of the company sales performances.

Ready to transform your healthcare data into actionable insights? Let's discuss your Power BI implementation today.

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