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Unlock the Power of Your Financial Data Leveraring a Modern Analytics Platform

Are you having trouble identifying cost-saving opportunities? Do you struggle with poor visibility in forecasted financial data? Is obtaining up-to-date financial performance data time-consuming and manual-intensive? ? If "yes", it's time to modernize your analytics capability.

At BI Solusi, a leading analytics, business intelligence, and data science technology system integrator, we have experience delivering top-notch Analytics platform for Finance department.


Online Analytics as new source of income

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We developped  a platform that is now a new source of income for a Risk and Security Services in Myanmar.

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Stock Exchange

Experience the Full Potential of Your Financial Data and Make Informed Decisions 

By leveraging an analytics platform, finance and accounting teams can transform their data into valuable insights.

1. Revenue Analysis: An analytics platform can help identify trends and patterns in revenue data. This can help finance and accounting teams to identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities, optimize pricing strategies, and improve revenue forecasting.

2. Cost Reduction: An analytics platform can help identify cost-saving opportunities, enabling finance and accounting teams to reduce operational costs and optimize resource allocation.

3. Budgeting and Forecasting: An analytics platform can help streamline budgeting and forecasting processes by providing real-time visibility into financial data, enabling accurate financial forecasting and budget allocation.

4. Increased Efficiency: Automation of financial reporting and analysis can save time, reduce errors and increase productivity. A study by McKinsey found that companies that use data analytics in procurement and supply chain management can see cost reductions of up to 50%.

5. Fraud Detection: An analytics platform can help identify potential fraudulent activities by analyzing transaction data, detecting anomalies, and raising alerts.

While the challenges listed here are common in Finance & Accounting, there may be other data related obstacles that your organizations face. We have experience implementing Modern Analytics platform for Finance & Accounting Function. Contact us for a free consultation.

According to Deloitte, companies that use analytics to improve their financial planning and analysis process see a 68% improvement in their ability to provide accurate financial forecasts. 

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