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Customer Support AI Assistant Powered by Large Language Model

Updated: May 2

Customer expects quick and accurate answers to their questions. If your customer service team is scrambling to find the right information amidst piles of disorganized data, you could be hindering their ability to provide the level of support your customers expect. Fortunately, there's a solution: AI-powered customer support assistants.

Customer support AI assistants are changing the game by streamlining how support teams locate the right information to resolve customer issues. Leveraging large language models (LLMs) and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, these AI assistants can understand customer inquiries with impressive accuracy, and then sift through vast amounts of data to deliver the most relevant and helpful responses. Later, we'll demonstrate how our customer support AI answers customer questions, reducing support costs and freeing the team to prioritize high-value work.

How Customer Support AI Works

Instead of tedious manual searches and relying on limited keyword matches, customer support AI assistants fundamentally change how agents find answers. Powered by generative AI and natural language processing, these tools go way beyond traditional search. They understand the context and nuances of customer inquiries, enabling them to pinpoint the right information, even when the customer's wording isn't exact.

Demo: How a Customer Support AI Assistant Helps TeamsWork App

TeamsWork App offers productivity apps within the Microsoft Teams platform, including ticketing and checklist solutions. Our customer support team handles diverse subscriber inquiries, predominantly through email. To manage these effectively, we've integrated a customer support AI assistant into our workflow. It draws knowledge from various resources – our knowledge base (which includes website articles, company documents, and historical email archives).

After testing the AI assistant on 100 customer queries, here's a closer look at how it works in practice:

·       Customer Question 1: "How do I change my pricing plan?"

The AI assistant analyzes the question and immediately begins searching through thousands of documents within our knowledge base. It identifies the most relevant information and provides a draft email response for the agent, complete with all necessary instructions and links. We can customize response templates to ensure the AI follows our preferred tone, formality, length, and language. Below is what the customer support AI answer looks like.

Customer Support AI Answer:

Dear customer,


Thank you for your interest in the TeamsWork productivity app. I'm Marc, the product manager, and I'm happy to provide you with more information.

You can find details on our plans and pricing on the following page:

Please review the options carefully to find the plan that best suits your needs. If you have any questions or would like assistance in selecting the right plan, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you again for considering TeamsWork. We look forward to helping you streamline your workflows.




Customer Support AI Assistant Powered by Large Language Model | BI Solusi Data Analytics Indonesia

·       Customer Question 2: "My app installation is not complete, how to solve it?"

The AI assistant analyzes past customer support cases to see if similar issues have occurred before. If it finds a match, it presents the proven solution to the agent. This significantly reduces resolution time, eliminating the need for the agent to search through old emails for answers manually.

Customer Support AI Answer:

Dear customer,


I understand you may be experiencing some trouble completing the TeamsWork Ticketing App installation. I'm here to help you get that resolved quickly.

Here are a couple of common fixes that have worked for other users:

  1. Re-login to Teams Desktop: Sign out of Microsoft Teams and then sign back in. This often refreshes the app and allows the new Ticketing Tab to appear.

  2. Clear Teams App Cache: Follow the steps provided by Microsoft here to clear the cache.

If these steps don't solve the problem, please provide the following details so I can assist you better:

  • Any error messages you see: Please include the exact text or a screenshot.

  • Steps you took before the issue: What actions led up to the installation problem?

Your feedback is important to us! We continuously strive to improve our app's experience. Thank you for your patience as we work to get this fixed for you.





·       Customer Question 3: "Does it support the file type my old tickets are stored in?

This is a question the TeamsWork app doesn't currently have an answer for in its knowledge base. The customer support AI identifies that it doesn't know the answer and will not fabricate a response. Below is what it will tell the customer support team.

Customer Support AI Answer:

The customer wants to know about compatible file types for ticket importing. I don't have that information readily available.

Our customer support AI assistant demonstrates its power by quickly drawing from our comprehensive knowledge base of company documents, website articles, and past emails. This ensures consistency and reliability in the information provided to customers.

While it excels at finding relevant information, we're constantly working to improve its ability to handle complex or phrased differently questions, as well as navigating large knowledge bases with varying levels of detail. The system cannot yet automatically determine if information has become outdated or irrelevant. For optimal results, it's crucial to maintain a well-organized and up-to-date knowledge base.

Customer Support AI Assistant Powered by Large Language Model | BI Solusi Data Analytics Indonesia

Benefits of Customer Support AI

  • Reduced Costs: Customer support AI delivers extraordinary cost savings. You can handle thousands of customer emails for just under $2 in computational costs, dramatically reducing the cost per interaction.  This allows you to effortlessly scale your support operations as your business grows, thanks to the power of generative AI.

  • Increased Efficiency and Speed: AI assistants can work tirelessly, automating routine tasks and providing quick-access to the knowledge your team needs. This frees up agents for complex issues and ensures faster response times for your customers.

  • Improved Accuracy: AI assistants tap into extensive knowledge bases, minimizing the chance of misinformation and ensuring the correct information is consistently relayed to customers.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Speedy resolutions, accurate information, and the potential for 24/7 availability all contribute to a more satisfying customer service experience.

The Future of Customer Support: A Human-AI Partnership

The future of customer support lies in a powerful collaboration between AI and human agents. AI assistants can tirelessly analyse vast amounts of information from all your existing resources – documents, websites, even social media conversations – to pinpoint the answers your team needs. This empowers your human agents with the right knowledge to deliver a seamless and positive customer experience.

Ready to see how AI can revolutionize your customer support? Contact us to schedule a demo tailored to your company's needs.


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