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Genetic Algorithm to Solve Complex Operational Research Problem

Optimize Your Logistics Operations with Genetic Algorithm for Peak Efficiency

Operational research problem involves finding the best way to solve complex problems, with logistics planning being a prime example. Traditional logistics planning often relies on time-consuming manual processes that can limit efficiency and profitability. Genetic Algorithm offer a smarter approach, inspired by the principles of natural selection. This AI-powered algorithm intelligently explores a vast space of possible solutions, iteratively refining routes, schedules, and resource allocation to uncover significant optimization opportunities.

Achieve faster, more reliable logistics with AI-powered optimization:

  • Find the best routes: Dramatically reduce distance travelled, fuel costs, and optimize vehicle use.

  • Smart scheduling: Streamline deliveries to meet customer time windows, handle traffic changes, and maximize fleet capacity.

  • Optimize Resources: Make the most of your equipment, workforce, and assets across the logistics network for superior supply chain management.


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Our Latest Work


Using AI in Logistics to Improve Route Optimization and Reduce Costs

Explore how we use genetic algorithm to solve Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)

With Genetic Algorithm, Experience the Transformation!

Route Optimization 

Finding the shortest routes gets surprisingly difficult as the number of stops increases. Consider a case with a single depot and 20 customer locations – there are a staggering 2 billion possible routes. Using a genetic algorithm, we can find the best route within seconds.

Fleet Management Optimization

Optimizing fleet operations with multiple depots, a diverse truck fleet, and varying distribution centre demands is a complex challenge. It requires finding the perfect balance between truck capacity, route efficiency, and demand fulfilment. Our solutions analyse all these factors, intelligently selecting the ideal combination of trucks and routes This ensures maximum cost savings while guaranteeing all your delivery needs are met.

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