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Get Ahead of the Competition: Transform Your Supply Chain with Business Intelligence

Efficient supply chain management and operations are vital for businesses to maintain their competitive edge. If you lack visibility into your inventory levels or supply chain performance, struggle with production and logistics optimization, it's time to leverage a modern Business Analytics platform.

Our state-of-the-art Analytics platform offers real-time visibility and process optimization, providing data-driven insights that enhance efficiency, improve performance, and lower costs across your supply chain.


Online Analytics as new source of income

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We developped  a platform that is now a new source of income for a Risk and Security Services in Myanmar.

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From inventory management to demand forecasting, Business Intelligence gives your operations and supply chain a competitive edge.

A modern Business Intelligence (BI) platform can help you address supply chain and operations challenges, including:

1. Lack of real-time visibility: With BI, you can get real-time visibility into inventory levels and supply chain performance, helping you to identify any issues and respond to them quickly. Read How we improve profits using modern Analytics

2. Forecasting and managing inventory levels: BI can help you to forecast demand accurately and manage inventory levels effectively, reducing the risk of stockouts and excess inventory.


3. Optimizing production and logistics processes: Couple with the power of a Machine Learning Algorithm, your Analytics BI can help you to optimize production and logistics processes. Read how we reduce cost Vehicle routing cost using Genetic Algorithm.


4. Identifying trends and patterns: BI can help you to identify trends and patterns in supply chain data, providing you with valuable insights that can help you to make informed decisions.

5. Data Quality and Governance: It can be a major challenge when different departments within an organization work in silos, leading to a lack of collaboration and inconsistencies in the data being analyzed. By leveraging a BI platform, organizations can ensure that everyone is looking at the same reliable data, improve collaboration and coordination, and deliver better insights for informed decision-making.

While the challenges listed here are common in supply chain and operations, there may be other data related obstacles that your organizations face. We have experience implementing Modern Analytics platform for Operations and Supply Chain Function. Contact us for a free consultation.

By using BI to optimize their operations and improve their delivery performance, Go-Jek has seen improvements in KPIs such as delivery time (reduced by up to 30%) and customer satisfaction (increased by up to 20%).

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