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Basic to Advanced
Power BI Training 

Instructor Led Online and Onsite

BI Solusi is a Power BI training institution in Indonesia. We specialize in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence platforms, and Big Data solutions, complemented by expert Data Science services.

We deliver instructor led online and onsite trainings that our students can not only use in the workplace but will actually drive increased efficiency and productivity gains.

We teach the key elements of Power BI from Beginner to Advanced; starting with a focus on Data Visualization and quickly progressing to data ingestion & data manipulation (Power Query), data modelling (dataset). We also offer an advanced DAX course. 

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Leveraging Analytics to bring additional 12 M US$ Revenue

Our Latest Work

BI Solusi’s engagement with a client working in the palm oil industry has brought many interesting insights and results.


Beginner Power BI Training

This course provides an introduction to Business Intelligence and to Power BI with comprehensive practical hands-on training. By the end of this course, all students will be able to build reports & dashboards, using existing columns & measures, and interact with visuals to get relevant business insights.


Intermediate Power BI Training

This course teach advanced visualization techniques that will allow students to answer complex business scenario using Microsoft Power BI Desktop. By the end of this course, all students will be able to build interactives reports using elaborate visuals & techniques forecasting, what if scenario, Q&A, bookmarks, drill through, and formula (DAX)


Advanced Power BI Training

This course aims to provide solid understanding about Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and provides you with foundational skills required to enhance data analysis with advanced calculations.

Why Choosing BI Solusi as your Power BI Training Instructor?


We Deliver More Than Just Training

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip students with practical, industry-relevant skills that transcend mere theoretical knowledge. By fostering a deep understanding of methodologies and best practices, our training empowers individuals not only to excel in their respective roles but also to catalyze significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

We Provide Instructor-led Online and Onsite Trainings (Indonesia)

Whether you opt for the convenience of remote learning or prefer the immersive environment of on-site sessions, our trainers are committed to providing personalized guidance, fostering interactive discussions, and addressing your unique challenges.

BI Solusi is a Certified Microsoft Partner

Being a Certified Microsoft Partner means a strong and trusted relationship with Microsoft. In addition, this partnership provides access to the latest updates, resources, and support from Microsoft, which can be invaluable during your trainings.

Our Trainers are Experienced Field Consultants

Our instructor hands-on expertise extends far beyond theoretical knowledge, as they have navigated complex data landscapes, tackled intricate challenges, and delivered solutions that have driven measurable success for organizations. They possess the ability to translate complex concepts into practical, actionable insights, bridging the gap between academia and industry. 

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Software Programmer

Training Material and Course Certificate

You'll receive access to meticulously curated training materials, including detailed course modules, practical examples, and supplementary resources, enabling you to reinforce your learning and serve as a valuable reference for future endeavors.


Upon successful completion of the training, you'll be awarded a course completion certificate, which can be leveraged to enhance your professional profile and career prospects.

If you have questions about any of our training services or would like to talk to one of our trainer, click the button below.

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