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Business Intelligence for Healthcare Company: A Customer Reviews from SMU Healthcare

The clients are the CEO & COO of SMU Healthcare, an innovative health investment & operating company that provide integrated solutions to bridge the healthcare infrastructure gap in Indonesia, specifically by providing financial and operational services to hospitals.

After successful partnerships with major hospitals in Indonesia, the company is now looking for advisory services to define the Technology Platform which could allow them to scale up while gaining even more operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence for Healthcare Company Project

The company needed a robust technology platform to support its ambitious expansion plans. Lacking the internal IT resources for a full-scale Business Intelligence (BI) project, they partnered with Kitameraki, a mother company of BI Solusi to implement a comprehensive data analytics solution.

One of the key analytics solutions we have developed is a comprehensive platform designed to smoothly manage and optimize the imaging and cardiology activities for more than 5 hospitals. This cutting-edge solution offers a seamless integration of multiple components to effectively coordinate the entire workflow, from procedure scheduling and data acquisition to advanced data analytics and reporting.

hospital list of our client in this project

At the core of our solution lies a robust procedure management system, which facilitates the efficient flow of the entire process, from patient registration to post-procedural follow-ups. This system ensures organized coordination among healthcare professionals, reduces redundancies, and enhances the overall patient experience.

Furthermore, our solution incorporates a sophisticated data management component, which enables the secure storage, organization, and retrieval of vast amounts of patient data, including medical images, reports, and other relevant information. This centralized repository not only provides easy access to critical data but also fosters collaboration among healthcare teams, enabling informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

BI Implementation Methodology

When implementing business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities into this healthcare project, our work can be broken down into several distinct phases to ensure a systematic and comprehensive approach. These phases are as follows:

Our BI Implementation Phases.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation strategy, which integrates proven methodologies, exceptionally qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to manage deliverables, proved invaluable during the BI implementation project for our healthcare client.

BI Implementation Results

The client was particularly impressed by our change management consultants, who facilitated the successful adoption of the new solution. Senior management expressed pleasure with the engagement thus far, praising our expertise in the business intelligence platform and our fast delivery.

“BI allow us to have insights in various functions of the company (Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing, HR, ...) Senior Management have now Financial and Operational Reports and Dashboards that allow them to track activity in real time COO have Supporting figures for Supply Chain decision” - Julien Beaujolin, via Clutch

“...As a COO, I have Supporting figures for Supply Chain decision (ex: replenishment) and pro-active maintenance decision.” - Aurelian Tirode, via Clutch

Ready to unlock the true potential of your healthcare data? Partner with our experienced Business Intelligence team and let us tailor a solution for your unique needs.

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