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Smart Narrative Storytelling in Power BI

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Smart Narrative is a new feature of Power BI that can tell the story of your data while highlighting key takeaways and current trends.

See this below report in 3 visuals.

Example of smart narrative

See the box that contains the smart narrative story telling from Power BI. What do you think?

Smart narrative summary of entire page

Here is step by step on How to Apply a Smart Narrative to Power BI:

  • Activate your Smart narrative on Options & Settings > Options > Preview features.

  • After being activated, a new smart narrative button will appear on the list of visuals in the Visualization panel.

Smart narrative button
  • Click on the smart narrative button and a new visual will appear that allows you to make a summary of the entire page.

  • You can also select one particular visual to be summarized.

Smart narrative summary on one visual
  • Smart narrative is dynamic, this induces the content to be updated according to the slicer selection.

  • Styles are flexible to your preferences

Editing of smart narrative summary (Font type, size, color, etc)

Take Away

Storytelling is just another great new feature that Power BI has delivered as it provides business users with advanced insights on their data in moments.

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