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Efficient Report Navigation with Power BI Custom Page Navigator Visual

Are you tired of scrolling through endless pages to find the information you need in your Power BI reports? Look no further than the Custom Page Navigator Visual.

The new feature in Power BI that is Custom Page Navigation Visual that make reports more user-friendly and easier to navigate. By customizing the visible pages in the Page Navigator visual, you can hide pages that are not relevant to the user or make certain pages more prominent. In this way, the Custom Page Navigator Visual provides a more tailored and engaging experience for users, making Power BI reports more user-friendly and efficient.

Benefits of Power BI Custom Page Navigator Visual

1. Saves Time and Improves Productivity

The Power BI custom page navigator visual can help users save time and improve productivity by eliminating the need to scroll through the report pages to find the desired page. With this visual, users can quickly view all the report pages in a single visual, which makes it easy to navigate to the desired page with a single click. This can be especially helpful for reports with a large number of pages.

2. Enhances User Experience

The Power BI custom page navigator visual enhances the user experience by providing a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate through a report. The visual displays the report page thumbnails in a scrollable grid, which makes it easy for users to see all the available pages at a glance. Users can also customize the visual by changing the visual properties, such as the number of columns, the thumbnail size, and the background color.

3. Increases Report Accessibility

The Power BI custom page navigator visual can increase report accessibility by making it easier for users to find and access the information they need. This can be especially helpful for users who are new to Power BI or are not familiar with the report structure. With this visual, users can quickly navigate to the desired page without having to search for it, which can save time and reduce frustration.

This new feature not only benefits BI analysts or report creators, but also speeds up custom page navigation. Previously, creating button icons and arranging them manually was a time-consuming process that required grouping. Furthermore, whenever a new page was added, the navigation had to be resized and rearranged for each page, which was a significant disadvantage. However, with the new feature, these issues are no longer a concern, allowing for faster and more efficient navigation.


Suppose you have a report with numerous pages, and each page is categorized or grouped differently. In such a case, you may want to create a page navigation that is organized by categories. With Power BI's Custom Page Navigator Visual, you can easily achieve this. By creating page navigation buttons through the Insert > Buttons > Navigator > Page navigator option, you can display all the pages in your report. Additionally, you can customize the navigation by hiding pages that are not relevant to the user.


Custom page navigation in Power BI provides a more seamless and intuitive experience for users navigating through reports. By leveraging this feature, users can quickly access the information they need without the need for multiple clicks or scrolling. Custom page navigation also allows for greater customization and control over the user's journey through the report, providing a more tailored and engaging experience.

Ready to improve your report navigation and provide a better experience for your users? Need assistance with your Power BI implementation? Contact us today!

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