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"Our new Business Intelligence platform has been able to bring together huge quantity of information summarized in a simple but comprehensive way. Consultants guided us all along the way and designed amazing report. It's Brilliant Work!"


President Director, REA Kaltim, East Kalimatan

Power BI Dashboard for Agriculture and Agribusiness

BI Solusi offers Power BI reports & dashboards for Agribusiness and Farming Organizations, providing comprehensive insights from production units, supply chains, and financial systems. Our Power BI Dashboards enable precision agriculture by analyzing data to support informed decisions on planting, irrigation, pest control, and more. Enhance your farming insights, agricultural operations, and financial performance with our tailored Power BI solutions. Partner with BI Solusi for seamless Power BI implementation and empower your business with superior data visualization and strategic decision-making tools.

Power BI Benefits for Agriculture

Optimize Agriculture Operation with Real-Time Insights

Operational efficiency and resource management are vital for every player in the agricultural sector. Power BI offers comprehensive tools to monitor and manage these aspects effectively, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

  • Power BI integrates data from production units, supply chains, and financial systems, providing a real-time overview to identify inefficiencies and optimize resources.

  • Analyzes data from sensors, drones, and satellite imagery to support precision agriculture, enabling informed decisions on planting, irrigation, and pest control.

  • Tracks usage patterns and costs through dashboards, helping optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability.

Enhance Farm Finances with Data

Understanding and improving financial performance is crucial for sustainable growth in the agricultural industry. Power BI provides robust tools for financial analysis and market insights, helping businesses and farmers make data-driven decisions to enhance profitability and competitiveness.

  • Provides a comprehensive view of financial health with customizable dashboards displaying key metrics like revenue, expenses, and cash flow.

  • Analyzes sales data, customer feedback, and market research to identify trends and tailor product offerings and marketing strategies.

  • Power BI can help Analyzes historical yield data and current conditions to forecast yields accurately, aiding in better planning for harvests, storage, and marketing.

Ensure Agricultural Standards Effectively

Maintaining high standards of quality and ensuring compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements are critical in the agricultural industry. Power BI offers several capabilities to address these needs, helping companies and farmers maintain transparency and trust.

  • Integrates data from quality control processes and traceability systems, providing insights into product quality from farm to table.

  • Tracks products through every stage of the supply chain, ensuring food safety and consumer confidence by maintaining transparency.

  • Monitors compliance metrics and sustainability initiatives, providing insights into water usage, pesticide application, and carbon footprint.

Partnering with BI Solusi for Successful Power BI Implementation in Agricultural Industry

Implementing Power BI in agricultural industry involves far more than merely installing software; it necessitates specialized knowledge, careful planning, and a thorough grasp of agricultural data intricacies and operational needs. BI Solusi proven success with agricultural organizations guarantees a seamless implementation, enabling your business to fully leverage the power of Power BI.

Enhancing Harvest through Loose Fruit Analytics

Large-Scale Implementation Success at PT REA Kaltim

PT. REA Kaltim is a leading oil palm cultivation company in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Loose Fruit Analytics focuses on optimizing the collection of dislodged fruit bunches during the harvesting process. These "loose fruits" are the ripest parts of the bunch, containing high amounts of oil, and can represent up to 10% of the total fruit weight. By improving collection rates from less than 8% to near 10-12%, REA increased their oil extraction rate by 2%, generating an additional $12 million in revenue. Learn more about Loose Fruit Analytics

Transform your agricultural operations with a customized Power BI implementation. Let's discuss your project today.

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