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How to Improve Your Customer Experience in Power BI

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Microsoft has launched new biggie updates on Power BI with the introduction of the new formatting pane, but it’s the new Page navigator and Bookmark navigator that will really change your lives. This new feature can help you effortlessly create a custom menu panel in your report.

An illustration of the customized page and bookmark navigation

So, to find that new features, you just need to look at the Insert tab, choose Buttons, and then Navigator.

Buttons for Navigator

Create Page Menu

To create a report page menu, you can select the Page Navigator option. This option will be automatically creating the page menu according to your report pages.

The chart with page menu

Creating Bookmark Navigator

To create your bookmark menu, first, make sure that you already have bookmarks or bookmark groups. After that, you can select the Bookmark Navigator option and your bookmark menu will be automatically created for your report.

Report Bookmarks

Custom Bookmarks Navigation using Button

You already know about the latest update to the Power BI feature. If you want to learn more about Power BI visualizations, follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website at

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