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Small Multiple Chart on Power BI

Diperbarui: 22 Feb 2023

Small Multiples is a new feature from Power BI that can create a group of detailed bar/column to give clean visual placement to the chart with stacked parameters.

Pic.1 Sales amount chart with small multiple
Pic.2 Sales amount chart without small multiple

Users can see on Pic.1, the visual of the sales amount now divided by country parameter into six (2x3) different bar charts. As for Pic.2, the country parameter is used as a legend and creates a stacked bar chart for sales amount visual. The usage of small multiples for Pic.1 gives an impression of a clean spread, compared to Pic.2 which gives an impression of a crowded visual.

To use the small multiples feature, the user can put the parameter on the small multiples dropdown on the Format subpanel

Pic.3. Small multiple dropdown

Users can also adjust the number arrangement of rows and columns of small multiples by going to the Format subpanel then select Grid layout. And Finally, User can select their preference for the number of rows and columns for the small multiples grid.

Pic.4. Grid layout edit option

In conclusion, using a small multiple feature on your visual can make a cleanly arranged chart.

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