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Behind the Scenes of Kitameraki

Diperbarui: 24 Feb 2023

“Having expertise on maximizing technology investments, Kitameraki delivers qualitative works and focuses on providing value added solutions for our customer” -Sang. But who is Kitameraki? What do we do? And what is it like behind the scenes of Kitameraki?

Our History

With headquarter in Hong Kong, Kitameraki Indonesia, as the newly added office, was incorporated around December 201. If you look at our logo, the red and white colors are to show the company’s roots in Indonesia.

The word Kitameraki itself consists of two words. Kita is the Indonesian word for “we.” And Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, and or love. In a sense, Kitameraki is all of our consultants and chief executives putting “something of oneself” to what we’re doing that is more than just business consultancy. Our consultants are passionate, curious, eager to learn, and motivated to share knowledge. We always seek what's best for our clients.

The Work and the Culture

Now we understand the founding of Kitameraki and the general idea of what we do. But, what is it exactly that Kitameraki has expertise on?

"I would say that Kitameraki has the best on delivering project and programs in any mobile or web-based platforms by using variety of trending IT framework approaches." – Erick

Working on multiple projects at once, a day-to-day responsibility of our consultants could include creating a report supported by various data engineering, presenting said report, receiving feedback from clients, and fixing reports based on client’s suggestions. Here, management is key.

“Management is important, it is not only a matter of time management that you must have as a consultant, but also the management of your behavior towards customers, this is related to your behavior and also your habits must also have satisfactory management for customers.” – Erick

Even with all the busy work, Kitameraki remains a great place to work at. Our consultants’ favorite parts of working at the company include its challenging tasks, the exposure to various industries, and the ability to learn new things & improve perspectives on the IT world. There are also so many interesting projects such as giving board advisory services to a healthcare company and integrating two apps for Doctors that allowed our consultants to explore their own abilities in completing the projects. With that said, Kitameraki has an extraordinary culture for beginners as well as experienced people as we provide strict discipline with self-development that can build self-confidence. It is such a joy to work at Kitameraki.

Development and Opportunities

Based on the work descriptions, it is safe to assume that professional development is always attainable at Kitameraki. Of course, these will only be there for those who seek it.

“As we are a young company that need to rely on strong pillars, when hiring consultants, we look for talents that could become tomorrow managers & directors.” - Sang

“I think you learn many new knowledges by working at Kitameraki. So, if you give your best everyday, you will have your skill and professional achievement progressed.” -Rizky

And with how passionate our consultants are, Kitameraki’s future is looking hopeful.

“I can always easily imagine Kitameraki's development over the next 10-20 years. With the support of the right parties, adequate partnerships for company growth, and also a professional fleet that is ready to fight in this pandemic era, it can be easily felt and it is easy to say that there will be a smooth road waiting for Kitameraki.” - Erick

Interested in working at Kitameraki? Visit our page to look for job opportunities. Interested in our services? Visit our page to view all our services and contact us!

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