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Predictive Analytics Services

We Deliver Interpretable Predictive Analytics

At BI Solusi, we understand that predictive analytics is not just about making forecasts; it's about making accurate, well-informed decisions for your business's future.

Similarly, we wont get you lost in technical jargon, such as R2, MAE, or RMSE. Instead, our primary focus is to craft robust algorithms that deliver precise and reliable predictions. But we don't stop there. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with the rationale behind each prediction.

With us, you're not just anticipating the future; you're doing it with precision and the data to back it up. Contact Us today!

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Our Latest Work


A Deep Dive into Jakarta's Pollution

Is Pollution coming from Banten Coal Power Plant? Air pollution is a serious problem in Jakarta, causing severe consequences for public health ...

Predict Future Trends and Outcome

What is Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a category of data analytics aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques such as statistical modeling and machine learning. With the help of sophisticated predictive analytics tools and models, any organization can now use past and current data to reliably forecast trends and behaviors milliseconds, days, or years into the future.

Predictive Analytics Showcases

We have developed a predictive analysis solution that can accurately forecast sales and improving supply chain of pharmaceutical business, forecast the yield of the palm oil plantation, and predictive maintenance in manufacture. To produce a reliable prediction, we put significant amount of work to understand and analyse every information related to the businesses. Some of the technique we use when delivering predictive analytics solutions:


Correlation Analysis

Correlation analysis is used to measure the strength and direction of the relationship between two or more variables. This understanding is then used to build predictive models that can forecast future events or outcomes based on the identified correlations.


Trend and Seasonality Analysis

Trend analysis examines long-term patterns in data, while seasonality analysis models recurring periodic fluctuations; both are vital for accurate time series forecasting in predictive analytics.


Auto Corelation Analysis

Autocorrelation analysis measures the similarity between time series observations at different time lags, helping identify dependencies and patterns crucial for building accurate predictive models on time series data.

The result is the predictive analytics model we develop has a good accuracy in forecasting future event.

This model we developed will provide insights needed for the business to further grow.


Discover our Predictive Analytics Services

Equipment Maintenance Prediction

We use historical equipment data to forecast when machinery or systems may fail. By proactively scheduling maintenance based on these predictions, organizations can reduce unplanned downtime, extend equipment lifespans, and lower maintenance costs.

Inventory Demand Prediction

We use historical sales data, market trends, and other factors to forecast product demand accurately. This service helps organizations optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, minimize stockouts, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

We continuously analyze transactions and user behavior to detect anomalous patterns indicative of fraud. It will also send real-time alerts and automated responses to help organizations prevent fraudulent activities before they result in financial losses.

 Integrated Predictive Analysis Model

We can develop an advanced machine learning solution designed to provide comprehensive and actionable predictions by seamlessly integrating various critical factors. This model encompasses seasonality analysis, economic indicators, environmental considerations, historical performance data, and a diverse range of machine learning algorithms tailored to your business needs.

Why Choosing BI Solusi as your Predictive Analytics
Solutions Provider?


Experienced in Predictive Analytics Implementation

BI Solusi brings extensive experience in implementing Predictive Analytics solutions to optimize business strategies, driving significant insights and foresight while enhancing decision-making and strategic planning. Our proven track record of successful Predictive Analytics implementations across diverse industries positions us as a trusted partner for organizations embarking on their data-driven transformation journey.

Data Scientists with Deep Expertise

Our team of Data Scientists brings together seasoned professionals with deep expertise in leveraging industry-leading solutions powered by advanced AI models.


We specialize in empowering businesses across various sectors through services like crop yield prediction for optimized agricultural planning, predictive maintenance for minimized equipment downtime and cost savings, and accurate demand forecasting for streamlined inventory management and resource allocation.

We have Functional and Industry Knowledge

Our consultants possess a deep functional knowledge in key areas such as human resources, sales, and supply chain management. Their expertise also extends across a variety of industries, including agriculture, healthcare, distribution, and manufacturing.

We speak English, French and Indonesian!

We understand the importance of clear and concise communication. Our team in Indonesia is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals and all our team members are well-versed in English and some speak French too

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Software Programmer

We are Experienced in outsourcing projects

BI Solusi has a proven track record of successfully delivering a multitude of BI projects, spanning onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations. Our agile team handles projects of all sizes, adapting swiftly to changing requirements. With the latest tools and technology, we ensure on-time and budget-friendly project delivery.

By partnering with us, you'll have access to a pool of talented resources who are committed in exceeding your expectations.

Some of our Recent Projects

Jakarta pollution.jpg


A Deep Dive into Jakarta's Pollution

Is Pollution coming from Banten Coal Power Plant? Air pollution is a serious problem in Jakarta, causing severe consequences for public health ...

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Applying Genetic Algorithm to reduce logistic cost

​A transportation company needed to deliver parcels from a distribution center to depots using trucks. We used genetic algorithm to figure out...



Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that makes predictions about future outcomes using historical data combined...


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